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Russian military vehicles - at the victory parade on May 9 and in Ukraine

Almost all of those types of russian military equipment are now being successfully destroyed in Ukraine.

Unlike the russian military, the Ukrainian armed forces actively use photographic equipment. This allows us to see the horrors of war almost from the first person. We can also see many photos of destroyed modern russian equipment on the Internet. has many images of modern russian military equipment already destroyed during russia's bloody invasion of Ukraine.

Despite the modern protection systems and thick armor, the Ukrainian army and self-defense forces are destroying military vehicles and tanks in really large numbers.

We bring to your attention only some images from the parade in Moscow and from the battlefield in Ukraine. We will post more photos in the near future.

Ukraine will also receive weapons worth tens of billions of dollars under Lend-Lease, experts say. Without a doubt, after Lend-Lease there will be many times more of such images of the destroyed equipment of the invaders.

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