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Russian rocket damaged a house in Mykolaiv on June 29: photo, video

This morning, residents of the southern Ukrainian city of Mykolaiv were awakened again by loud explosions. This has been going on for quite some time, but it's impossible to get used to it. People live in fear and do not know what awaits them in the near future. Of course, many civilians left to escape the war, but many remain in a dangerous city for various reasons.

Soon after the explosions, terrible footage began to appear in the city's Telegram channels - the russians again killed civilians.

"In the morning powerful explosions thundered in Mykolaiv. Rescuers and doctors have already left for the place of explosions," - Alexander Senkevich, mayor of the city, said.

There was a video with the consequences of the arrival of an enemy missile at a residential building early in the morning in Mykolaiv. One entrance was completely destroyed, the second - partially.

The destruction captured from the drone is simply horrific.

The death toll in Mykolaiv as a result of a strike on a multi-storey building has grown to four people. In the photo - the bodies of three dead:

Nearby residential buildings were also damaged from the shock wave and debris. As a result of the explosion, fragments of concrete structures were scattered for many tens of meters around the house. The authorities promise to provide shelter and all necessary assistance to people who have lost their homes.

Video of one of the eyewitnesses, whose apartment is also located in this building. There is some profanity, but you can imagine the horror these people went through.

Rescuers also got the dog out of the destroyed house. The dog breed Labrador was blocked in the apartment on the fourth floor. He was very frightened and did not want to go into the hands of the rescuers. Fortunately, both the owner and his dog are already safe.

Another rocket (in total, 8 of them were fired across the city) hit the garage cooperative: 15 garages were destroyed along with cars.

A five-meter funnel formed in the middle of the cooperative. After the explosion, a large-scale fire began - more than 15 garages burned, most of them were cars that also caught fire.

Several missiles flew to Mykolaiv yesterday, causing damage to residential buildings. One of the rockets hit the field of the central city stadium, an impressive crater was formed from the explosion.

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