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Russian troops launched a missile attack on Slovyansk

The center of the city of Slovyansk in the Ukrainian-controlled part of the Donetsk region came under fire on Monday.

Another day that began with terrorism by the Russian Federation. The aggressor state shelled Slovyansk. The blast wave and fragments of shells damaged six private households, three multi-storey buildings and 15 cars. Unfortunately, there is a dead person and victims of various degrees of severity. According to local authorities, the Russian military fired rockets at the city. There is destruction, two dead and 34 injured are reported. The police also said that five of the wounded are in critical condition. Rescuers and police are currently on the scene.

A missile strike was also reported on the town of Druzhkovka, south of Bakhmut. As a result of the blow, the building of the orphanage was destroyed. There were no children in it, there were no casualties. Since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine, Moscow has denied that the Russian military is targeting civilian targets.

The enemy must know: Ukraine will not forgive the torturing of our people, will not forgive these deaths and wounds. All Russian terrorists will be defeated. Everyone involved in this aggression will be held to account.

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