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Russians attacked another nuclear power plant with missiles (video)

On September 19, russians fired at the South Ukrainian nuclear power plant from the Iskander missile system. An attack on a nuclear facility in the Mykolaiv region damaged the station building, a crater 2 meters deep was formed at the site of the explosion.

A missile fired from the Iskander complex fell 300 meters from nuclear reactors. The building of the nuclear power plant was damaged by the shock wave, more than 100 windows were broken. Also, one of the hydroelectric units of the Aleksandrovskaya HPP, which is part of the South Ukrainian Energy Complex, and three high-voltage power lines were switched off. Energoatom clarified that all three power units of the Palestine NPP are operating normally. No station personnel were injured. "Acts of russian nuclear terrorism threaten the whole world. They must be stopped immediately in order to prevent a new catastrophe! A crater from a nighttime explosion of an enemy missile in the industrial zone of the South Ukrainian Nuclear Power Plant: diameter - 4 m, depth - 2 m," the Energoatom state organization said in a statement ".

President Volodymyr Zelensky reacted to the attack on the South Ukrainian nuclear power plant and posted a video of the incident. He said: "The invaders wanted to shoot again, but they forgot what a nuclear plant is. Russia endangers the whole world. We must stop it before it's too late."

Deputy Head of the Office of the President Kyrylo Tymoshenko later commented on his social media: "Some hundred meters and we would wake up in a completely different reality... Terrorists cross all boundaries."

Quite recently, the IAEA officially demanded that Russia leave the Zaporizhzhya NPP: a resolution was adopted. The majority of council members voted for the document calling on the Russian Federation to stop the occupation of the station. Only Russia and China opposed. Moscow called the resolution "anti-russian." The Council of the IAEA in the document expressed its regrets in connection with the "continuous violent actions of the Russian Federation against nuclear facilities in Ukraine, including in connection with the continued presence of russian forces and "Rosatom" personnel at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant."

But Russia is not affected by negotiations and civilized problem solving. They understand only the language of force and do not adhere to any international rules and norms. Russia treats Ukraine's civilian infrastructure as a spoils of war, seeking to strip Ukraine of control over its own energy resources and use the station as a military base for operations against Ukraine.

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