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Russians bomb Mykolaiv every day: terror continued on July 29 and 30

The city of Mykolaiv, which has become a problem for the russian invaders on the way to Odesa and Transnistria, is subjected to rocket attacks every day. Despite the fact that the majority of civilians have decided to leave the dangerous place, thousands of people remain in the city and continue to work. Maintaining your mental health when air raid alerts and explosions are heard every day is a difficult task. These people are strong morally, they hold on and dream only of peace.

On the morning of July 29, russian rockets flew right into a bus stop where civilians were waiting for transport to get to work. People didn't have a chance - like in a horror movie, they fell and bled. As a result of this act of terrorism, 19 people were injured and 6 people died (two died already in the hospital). The photographs taken by eyewitnesses are shocking - bloodied bodies of people and dogs lie at the site of the tragedy.

The mayor of the city Alexander Senkevich urged the inhabitants of Mykolaiv to avoid crowds and be less in open areas. He fears that the occupiers will shell the city again:

“What does today's shelling of a public transport stop mean? Russian terrorists are returning to their tactics of shelling our city. Remember how it was in the first months of a full-scale invasion - daily chaotic strikes from the MLRS in the daytime and deliberate killings of Mykolaiv. Therefore, the main request to you: do not ignore air raid signals, do not gather in crowded places, stay less in open areas. If you hear an explosion in the sky, even when it seems that it is far away, immediately hide in the room, at least - fall to the ground! Basic safety rules can save your life!”

But shelling and bombing continued on the night of 30 July. You can see the aftermath in the photos.

One russian rocket fell on the playground. The rocket landed right next to the children's slide, destroying part of the site's fence in the process.

The police and sappers who arrived at the scene protected the crash site with a special tape and later took away the dangerous find.

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