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Russians lie again that they destroyed HIMARS in Ukraine

"Russians always lie" - for sure, you have already heard this phrase. This applies more to government representatives and officials than to ordinary people. The russian government constantly lies to its "Western partners", as well as to the inhabitants of its own country. But they all endure.

Over the past few days, russian news broadcasts and Internet resources have proudly reported that their army has successfully destroyed several expensive American HIMARS missile systems in Ukraine, in the Kharkiv region. As proof, this photo is attached:

For the average russian patriot, this is enough to rejoice and drink some vodka "for victory." But, as usual, russian propaganda is rude and makes many mistakes. Experts will immediately notice that the armored cockpit of the M142 HIMARS missile systems is different from the destroyed vehicle in the photo. The armored cabs of military vehicles are quite similar, but there are differences. In this photo - a burned-out car, most likely an American BAE FMTV LTAS (photo below). When and where the photo was taken - no one can say. It could even be Iraq, Syria or Afghanistan. According to our information, these transport vehicles with an armored cab are also used in Ukraine.

US Department of Defense denies russian claims of allegedly destroying six US HIMARS missile systems.

“We are aware of these latest statements by Minister Shoigu, and again they are clearly untrue,” - Pentagon spokesman Todd Brissell said.

He emphasized that the Armed Forces of Ukraine use the MLRS supplied by the United States and allies "with devastating accuracy and efficiency."

Meanwhile, M142 HIMARS missile systems are successfully destroying ammunition depots and military equipment of russian occupiers in southern and eastern Ukraine. In this video, four missile systems immediately launch missiles to inflict destruction on the enemy.

And this video shows the operation of HIMARS missile systems at night. The military facilities of the occupiers in Nova Kakhovka and the Berislav region (fuel depots and storage facilities) were destroyed.

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine also showed a video about the work of HIMARS:

Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the Ukrainians with a speech in which he also spoke about the role of the M142 HIMARS missile systems in the war for freedom and independence:

“The word “HIMARS” has become almost synonymous with the word “justice” for our country, and Ukrainian defenders will do everything to ensure that the occupiers experience more and more painful losses every week thanks to these very effective systems.

Yes, indeed, we still cannot completely break the advantage of the Russian army in artillery and manpower, and this is very felt in the battles, especially in the Donbass - Peski, Avdiivka, and other areas. It's just hell. It can't even be described in words...

And every Ukrainian should always be grateful to our soldiers who defend the Ukrainian positions there, despite the tangible firepower of the terrorists. But every day, our diplomats and all other representatives of our state are doing everything possible and impossible to get for Ukraine the weapons that will ultimately help stop this "horde", and to convince everyone who still doubts the supplies."

In turn, President Biden signed a document allocating a new $550 million military aid package to Ukraine. It includes 5,000 shells for the M777 155-millimeter howitzers and new missiles for HIMARS.

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