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Russians shot an unarmed Ukrainian prisoner of war for the words "Glory to Ukraine"

A brutal video of the shooting has surfaced online. Where and when it was filmed is still unknown.

The Office of the President of Ukraine has already reacted to this war crime, one of the many that the soldiers of the russian army commit.

“War crimes are cultivated in Russia. And they are bleached by their propaganda and myths about the "Nazis". The killing of a captured person is another example of this. It is also an example of their national insignificance and weakness. Every such war crime will be punished. No one can hide from punishment,” wrote Andriy Yermak, head of the office of the President of Ukraine.

A little later, President Zelensky paid tribute to the memory of a soldier who was shot by the russian military. He posted a picture with the phrase: Glory to the Hero! Glory to heroes! Glory to Ukraine!

The inhabitants of Ukraine, as well as the international community, were outraged and shocked by another war crime of the occupiers. At the same time, everyone admires the courage and fortitude of an ordinary Ukrainian soldier. Even in the face of death, he did not ask for mercy, but repeated "Glory to Ukraine" once more, showing that he was not broken and not defeated. He died like a hero. Murals and art depicting a still unknown soldier immediately appeared on the Internet.

As expected, russian propagandists began to say that the shooting of a Ukrainian prisoner of war was a fake and a provocation from the West. They say that this is a "theatrical performance" and filmed on purpose, like the tragedy in Bucha, Kyiv region. The cynical lies of russian propaganda, however, inspire confidence among TV viewers. They do not need arguments, evidence and facts. They are accustomed to believing in what pleases them. They still believe that russian troops are "liberating Ukraine from fascism." Yes, they are partially liberated, but not from non-existent fascism, but from normal life and housing. Most of the russian Internet society rejoices and makes fun in the comments, discussing the death of a Ukrainian fighter. They write "he deserved it" and "all Ukrainians deserve it". Sitting on sofas at home, these commentators are cultivating hatred and enmity that will last for decades... The russian state only encourages such a position, showing the world who the "fascists and Nazis" really are.

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