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Russians show two propaganda videos

Several propaganda videos have gained popularity in recent days on the "VKontakte" (banned in Ukraine) social network, which is controlled by the Russian Federal Security Service, as well as on pro-russian Telegram channels. In the first video, russian paratroopers land at the Ukrainian Antonov airport in Gostomel. The video is accompanied by heroic music, one of the invaders says the phrase "Making a video for posterity." After that, the russian military stormed the empty buildings, fired randomly and tried to put the russian flag on the airport building. The video does not make any sense, but this is enough for the russian layman to feel pride in their country. Instead of being sad, because Russia is a terrorist country.

The real picture of what the russians brought to Ukrainian territory can be seen in the video of the pilot of the legendary "Mriya" ("Dream") aircraft (there are English subtitles in the video). Completely or partially destroyed buildings, burnt documentation and scientific equipment, burnt remains of aircraft. Parts of shells and unexploded bombs are scattered throughout the airport. The man who worked at the airport for 29 years tells and shows with pain and tears about the results of the russian invasion of Ukraine, recalling the good old days. This is the kind of pain that millions of Ukrainians are now experiencing.

Another video circulated by the russians is called "detention of a Ukrainian saboteur in Kherson." The video was filmed from a drone, in the first minutes you can see a Ford Mondeo ("Fusion" in US) car, which slows down near an SUV with the letters Z on the body. After that, "Ford" begins to accelerate and leaves towards the field. On a country road, the car's path is blocked by another checkpoint, the invaders shoot at the Ford from a grenade launcher several times, destroying it. The video is accompanied by photographs of objects allegedly found in the "saboteur's" car. As in many other cases when the russians want to show "the Nazis", the photo contains Hitler's books and maps of Ukraine and Russia, as well as a Kalashnikov assault rifle. There is no evidence that a Ukrainian soldier was in the car. They could be ordinary civilians who were frightened by the appearance of a strange car and armed people on the road. But russian viewers don't need proof, they believe everything they see on TV and pro-russian media and telegram channels.

In the meantime, an information war is going on on the Internet, a real war is going on on the battlefields. Over the past week, thanks to the American rocket artillery system M142 HIMARS, the Ukrainian army has already destroyed more than 10 large ammunition depots of the russian army. This video shows how shells and bombs detonate. Russian television says that these are civilian objects and saltpeter, but even the russian viewer does not seem to believe this.

In this video, an eyewitness shows the place where the Russian ammunition depot was destroyed. Comments are superfluous (carefully, filthy language).

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