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Severe destruction and large-scale fire: Russian troops hit a residential building in Kharkov.

On the evening of January 29, an air alert was announced in the Kharkiv region and in a number of other regions. The Russians attacked the Kyiv region of Kharkov.

Around midnight explosions were heard in Kharkov. The authorities announced Russian shelling of the city and urged residents not to leave their shelters until the air raid alert was lifted. Another shelling of the Ukrainian territory of the Russian Federation was carried out from the Belgorod region. There was a hit in a residential building, it caught fire, three civilians were injured, one person died, Another six civilians were injured.

The explosion partially destroyed the roof and upper floor of the house. Six fire trucks, two ladder trucks, a first aid vehicle and a special rescue vehicle were dispatched to the scene. It is known that the entire entrance is uninhabitable, the house is de-energized, disconnected from the gas and water supply. The residents were evacuated.

The Russian invaders, being unable to completely seize the territory of Ukraine, continue to terrorize the civilian population of the country, inflicting numerous mass strikes on Ukrainian cities, in particular, on the energy infrastructure.

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