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Shocking video: parts of the bodies of Russian soldiers after the crash of military helicopters

The second phase of the war after the Russian invasion of Ukraine is becoming more and more violent.

Today, the Ukrainian military reported the destruction of several Russian military helicopters at once.

One video shows the remains of a Russian Mi-8 helicopter on the ground mixed with body parts and skeletons of soldiers. The horrors of war are becoming a daily picture, and those who supported the Russian invasion now realize that Putin has gone too far and that his terrible idea of USSR 2.0 is doomed to failure.

Also today, an air defense unit of the National Guard of Ukraine in the Zaporozhye region from MANPADS destroyed an enemy helicopter K-52 "Alligator"

This helicopter is one of the newest units of Russian military aviation, which is in service with the enemy. The helicopter is equipped with an anti-tank missile system, a cannon mount with a laser guidance system, aerial bombs and other weapons.

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