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Terrible destruction and many victims: what is known about the missile attack on the clinic

The Russian occupiers continue to terrorize the civilian population of Ukraine. On the morning of May 26, terrorists hit a clinic in Dnipro with a rocket.

Russian strikes on Ukraine have intensified in recent weeks ahead of an expected Ukrainian counteroffensive. The Russian military confirms every hour that they are terrorists. They daily commit war crimes and strike at the civilian population. It was a very difficult night. It was loud. On the night of May 26, 2023, the enemy attacked Ukraine. At night, the blow fell on the city of the Dnieper. But before he had time to recover from the horrors of the night, the invaders dealt a new blow. At about 10:30 powerful explosions thundered in the Dnieper. After that, an air alert was announced in the city.At least four people have been killed and more than 30 injured in a Russian missile strike on a medical clinic in the eastern Ukrainian city. Among the wounded there are two children, they are boys of three and six years old.

At the scene, fire crews were sawing down trees to get a mounted hose closer to the flames which had engulfed the large, three story building. Meanwhile, amidst the rubble, rescue teams were searching for two missing people. Ukrainian authorities said they shot down 17 missiles and 31 drones launched from Russia overnight. Several drones and missiles hit targets in Dnipro and the eastern city of Kharkiv, including an oil depot.

Public utilities remove destroyed structures from the territory of the medical institution. Around the place of arrival, more than three dozen high-rise buildings and more than 20 private houses were damaged. There is destruction in the stadium. And also - in 3 schools and 3 kindergartens.

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