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Terrorist state intensifies bombing of Ukraine: photos and video from the battlefield

One person was killed and ten people were injured as a result of an S-300 missile attack on the center of the Ukrainian city of Kupyansk. Almost every day the Russians bomb towns in the south and east of the war-torn country...

One of the enemy missiles fell on the building of the local museum. Footage was posted on social media showing rescuers removing the body of a dead woman. Volodymyr Zelensky also said that one person was killed. Medics and emergency services are on the scene.

Below in the video - Ugledar and Marinka. Two cities from which nothing remains, since the russians destroyed everything. The invaders are fighting following the tactics of "burning out the territory", destroying all the buildings one by one.

However, the battles for control of these towns continue. The video below shows the destruction of a russian armored personnel carrier.

The next video shows a russian military group sailing on a boat. The next moment they come under fire, the boat turns sharply and one of the soldiers falls into the water. At the same time, his buddies are not even going to save him and sail away on a boat. "We do not leave our own" - says russian propaganda. The facts say otherwise.

Destruction of an attacking enemy infantry group with the help of artillery.

Destroying the enemy in trenches with the help of drones. The liberation of the country is difficult for its defenders, but modern technologies make it possible to reduce losses in manpower and deliver a crushing blow to the enemy.

This is how the Ukrainian fire complex "Shablya" looks like. This is a remote-controlled robotic machine gun turret. Thanks to this, the operator is at a safe distance or in cover, without exposing himself to return fire.

British mobile anti-aircraft missile system Stormer HVM in action.

Roads on which only military vehicles or boots of soldiers can pass. All because of the rain and thaw in the Donetsk region. In the second video, our defenders showed the trenches in the Zaporizhzhia direction.

Fight in the trenches near Bakhmut. A fighter of the Ukrainian army exchanges fire with a mercenary of the private military company Wagner from small arms at a distance of several meters. Victory in the battle for the Ukrainian warrior.

As we can see, the brutal war of conquest continues, but the defenders are doing everything to protect and drive away the occupier. The war must end as soon as possible, but without the liberation of the entire territory of Ukraine, this is impossible, since many russian leaders no longer hide their desire to completely destroy Ukrainian self-identification and the country as a whole...

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