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The city is like a cemetery: what is happening in Mariupol (shock photo, video)

At the moment, we can say that of the major cities of Ukraine, Mariupol suffered the most - it was practically destroyed from the face of the Earth. Before the war, Mariupol developed and was quite attractive for life: the economy of the port city grew, people from other cities in the region moved here, fountains worked in the parks and children played. But then a bloody inhuman war began. For many weeks the whole world watched the heroic defense of the city by Ukrainian troops, but the Russians used the tactics of "blockade and total destruction", so, in the end, they occupied this city. Occupied the ruins of the city.

We talked to the locals who managed to evacuate from the ghost town and they told us scary things. It is hard to believe that this is even possible in the 21st century. Now we will share with you the realities of the occupied Mariupool.

Russian invaders continue to loot in Mariupol. Recently, a fountain was taken out of the city from the Theater Square, medical equipment was stolen from hospitals, and now they have moved to the square near the Drama Theater - there the Russians are removing paving slabs and taking them out in the direction of Donetsk. The Russians also rented a playground in the square near the Drama Theater and took it to Donetsk, where they had already installed it in the city center.

The whole city turned into a cemetery, because during the blockade and "liberation", as the Russians say, thousands of civilians died. Dead people are buried in courtyards and parks. Many corpses still remain in abandoned houses and apartments. No one knows how many of them are under the rubble of destroyed houses. The surviving locals live next door to the dead - the city's rescue services and ambulances are not working or can not cope with the number of calls. Crowds of people stand on the street - they were left homeless and hope to find food and water. There is not enough humanitarian aid for everyone, although Russian propaganda says otherwise. But there is only one truth - if not for the Russian invasion, Mariupol would have lived peacefully and prosperously, as before the war.

The sewer does not work. Nobody cleans up the trash. Heavy rains partially washed away the graves of dead civilians. People wash children on the street in a basin, drink water from puddles.

The morgues have been destroyed, and now the found corpses of people are brought directly to the industrial zone. All this happens at air temperatures up to +30 in absolutely shocking conditions.

This is the kind of "peace" the Russians brought to the eastern part of Ukraine under various pretexts. It's almost unimaginable, but it's true.

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