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The city of Bakhmut remains the epicenter of fierce fighting

Currently, the city of Bakhmut is the epicenter of the main battle with the invaders.

During the last week, the Russian army has been trying to advance more intensively in the Bakhmut area of the Donetsk region. The battles for the city became the most active during Russia's war against Ukraine.

Bakhmut turned into a devastating whirlpool for the armies of both countries. For months, they have thrown large numbers of troops and equipment into battle near the city, as the Russians make desperate attempts to capture the city and the Ukrainians to hold it. Wounded Ukrainian defenders are brought to the Bakhmut hospital in groups. According to data, 500 wounded arrived in two days and the flow does not stop.

Low temperatures and swamp in the trenches also cause injuries for Ukrainian military personnel. Ukrainian doctors at the Bakhmut hospital say that hypothermia, a painful skin condition caused by prolonged immersion in cold water, is a common phenomenon among the Ukrainian military. Sometimes, because of this, it is necessary to quickly and be treated on the front line in order to go into battle with the enemy again.

The video shows one of the settlements near Bakhmut, which was completely destroyed by enemy artillery. In the video, the group evacuates one of the soldiers of the National Guard, who received shrapnel wounds in his legs, from under fire.

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