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The defeat of russian troops in Belogorovka: the invaders lost at least 89 pieces of equipment

Thanks to new photos of the destruction of russian equipment in Belogorovka, Luhansk region, it was possible to more accurately calculate the number of liquidated russian military vehicles during repeated attempts to cross the Seversky Donets River. A whole database has been compiled, in which a total of 110 damaged and destroyed military equipment found in Belogorovka and its environs are located.

The defeat of Russian troops in this location will certainly create a feeling of catastrophe in the Russian Federation, which breaks into the information space tightly controlled by the Kremlin. According to journalists, 485 russians were killed or wounded near Belogorovka and more than 89 pieces of equipment were destroyed. If Russia's losses are really so massive, then this defeat can be compared with the destruction of the Moskva cruiser in the Black Sea, which was hit by Ukrainian missiles "Neptune".

What we can clearly see in the photographs of the destroyed russian equipment:

10 tanks,

31 infantry fighting vehicles,

3 BMD,

3 MT-LB,


1 BTR-D,

2 tugboats,

1 vehicle of the pontoon park and 6 unknown objects;

31 units partially destroyed or damaged:

2 tanks,

9 infantry fighting vehicles,

4 MT-LB,

1 PTS,

9 cars of the pontoon park,

3 pontoons on the shore and 3 unknown objects;

4 objects with no visible damage:

2 tanks,

1 infantry fighting vehicle and 1 unknown object;

On May 12, satellite and drone photos surfaced showing a large amount of destroyed equipment near the Seversky Donets River.

Today we have at our disposal a first-person video showing the scale of russian losses:

Ukrainian forces push back Russian troops in the Kharkiv region. Western experts have already pointed out that Russia actually lost the battle for Kharkov. Now it is reported that one of the battalions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has reached the border with Russia.

Video footage of Ukrainian fighters addressing President Volodymyr Zelensky shows fighters carrying and setting up a border post.

"We have reached, Mr. President, we are here! Here is a border guard with us... Mr. President, we have reached!" - say the Ukrainian military in the video.

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