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The enemy insidiously struck the Odessa region with rockets on the night of July 19.

Seven Kalibr cruise missiles were fired from the Black Sea and struck the village of Dachnoye in the Odessa Region.

One missile was shot down by anti-aircraft defense forces, and six hit a peaceful village. As a result, 3 private houses and two courtyard structures were destroyed and caught fire. Several other private houses, cars, a school and a house of culture were damaged. Two private houses are beyond repair.

Six people were injured as a result of the rocket attack, including one five-month-old child. The fire on an area of 300 square meters was promptly extinguished by 95 rescuers, 16 units of equipment were involved.

"The Russian troops' strike on peaceful houses in the Odessa Region is yet another attempt to break Ukrainian society. But their wish is as misguided as their opinion of the "Capture of Kiev in three days". They do not understand who they are dealing with. The terrorist country wants to defeat by fear the fearless and strong people they themselves are afraid of," - Andrii Yermak, the head of the Office of the President wrote.

Andrii Yermak noted that the Russians are afraid of the strength of the Ukrainian people and army on the battlefield, and this fear feeds panicked evil.

"We will not break and will not surrender. Our goal is to take back the Ukrainian land, sweep the Russians out of it and punish them for all their crimes. They will have to answer for everything," he added." - Andrii Yermak said.

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