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The full-scale invasion of Russia radically changed the process of education in Ukraine.

Children study during a blackout, online, from abroad, between air alarms. At the same time, in stores, corridors and warehouses.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion in Ukraine, 1,611 educational institutions have been affected, and 161 have been completely destroyed. About 1.8 million children left Ukraine, and 2.5 million became internally displaced persons in Ukraine. According to the testimony of the Minister of Education and Science, 23 thousand Ukrainian teachers left Ukraine.

At the same time, lessons could not take place at all in combat zones. In the newly occupied territories, the occupiers are trying to resume education as soon as possible with its translation into the Russian language and Russian standards. Every day, the aggressor does not stop trying to break Ukrainians. Despite the alarm in the air, teachers teach from basements and under fire. As a result of Russian missile strikes, massive power outages often occur. But even such circumstances cannot stop the educational process and brave spirit of young Ukrainians.

Despite such a difficult time, a team of Ukrainian developers created a mobile application for smartphones and tablets that allows you to continue studying even during a blackout. Even a blackout is not a problem. Ukrainians will find a way out of any situation. Teacher conducted a lesson for her students sitting near a supermarket in the cold with a laptop. The woman chose a place near one of the Kyiv supermarkets, which is most likely equipped with a generator.

Nothing will prevent Ukrainian teachers from conducting online lessons in conditions of full-scale war and lack of electricity. As we can see, no efforts of Russian terrorists will break Ukrainians, and will not discourage them from learning and teaching in the Ukrainian language.

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