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The invaluable role of physicians in the war.

Along with defenders of Ukraine, military doctors are fighting death.They also risk their lives. Despite the cynical claims of Russian propaganda, the Russian military is systematically shelling Ukrainian hospitals. Over three hundred medical facilities were damaged in two months of full-scale war.

But even in such difficult conditions, hospitals continue to work, and doctors sometimes literally live at work. Medical workers equip bomb shelters, support people's health, and give online advice. And they also find an opportunity to dream with small patients about their plans after victory.

Doctors are our heroes, they continue to work on the front line, in the occupied territory and in front-line cities. They acquire the necessary knowledge externally because they want to help at the front. They save fighters who are three times their weight. They are most afraid that they will not make it in time... Fragile girls and experienced doctors are those who changed their ordinary life and went to the front as a medic.

Ukrainian doctors are ready for self-sacrifice around the clock. At the first call, they come to help day and night, during air raids and artillery shelling. They cover the wounded from bullets and shrapnel with their bodies, and do everything possible to save another life.

Nowadays, this profession requires courage, the need to make the only correct decision on which human life depends. Doctors are truly our heroes. Saving the lives of millions every day, today they risk their own lives on the front lines.

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