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The power of propaganda: what can be found in russian bookstores

Some experts believe that rural people without education from the russian hinterland are especially susceptible to propaganda. Such people do not use the Internet, do not read books, and have access only to national television. Indeed, television is a very effective weapon in the hands of the Kremlin to turn people into brainwashed zombies. But the russian intelligentsia also supports the war and believes that Russia is "doing the right thing." Why? Let's see what they read. Our expert studied the contents of the shelves in two of the most popular and largest russian bookstores. Even without deep analysis, it is easy to understand the degree of delusion and hatred towards Ukraine. Some books have been on sale for only a few months, some were published even before the annexation of the Crimean peninsula. Assessing how bad things are is very simple. You can simply enter the website addresses or and enter the word "Ukraine" ("Украина") in russian into the search field. Surprisingly, you will see several hundred books. The Russians seem to care greatly about Ukraine's independence and spirit of freedom. In many books, the authors claim that Ukraine is a fictional country, and no Ukrainian nation simply exists. Ukraine is accused of "unwillingness to be friends with Russia" and the direction of its political course towards Europe and the United States. Many of the claims in the books are simply absurd, similar to fascist and Nazi ideas. The books seriously discuss the "wrongness" of the Ukrainian nation and the need to destroy it... Let's take a look at the covers of at least a few books...

1. Ukraine. Chaos and revolution - the weapon of the dollar

2. Experiment "Ukraine". A century-long misunderstanding

3. Ukraine which did not exist. Mythology of Ukrainian ideology

4. Ukrainian nationalism. Crisis or collapse of the state?

5. "Ukrainians". Anti-Russian movement of separatists in Little Russia 1847-2009

6. Historical truth and pro-Ukrainian propaganda

7. DeNACification of Ukraine. Land of unlearned lessons

8. Cyborg nationalism, or Ukrainian nationalism in the era of post-nationalism

9. Failed Ukrainian State. The plan of the German General Staff for the annexation of southern Russia.

10. Special operation. Who pushed Russia and Ukraine?

11. History of Ukrainian separatism

12. Ukrainian crisis and the mistakes of the West.

13. Ukraine is Russia

14. Ukraine from Russia to "anti-Russia"

In recent years, more and more such books have been published. Most likely, authors and publishing agencies receive subsidies and orders from the state budget.

Unfortunately, such deep propaganda works very well - and most of the russians support the war and genocide against the Ukrainians. Therefore, any "negotiations" with the Kremlin are meaningless. Any freezing of the conflict is doomed to the continuation of the war. The only way out is the victory of Ukraine because russian society is "broken" with its idea of conquering Ukraine.

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