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The Russians again attacked Kramatorsk with missiles, hit the clinic and residential buildings

A residential building, a missile strike, civilians killed and trapped under the rubble.

In the house, one entrance from the first to the fourth floor was completely destroyed, the other two entrances survived, if I may say so ... Windows were broken, the roof was damaged, the entrance ways. Near this house, eight houses were also damaged: windows, doors were knocked out, roofs were destroyed. A rescue operation immediately began at the scene. There are people under the rubble.

The rescuers unblocked the bodies of 3 dead people and 2 people were rescued. 18 people were injured (8 of them were hospitalized). All the necessary services are working on site, temporarily relocating people, providing first aid and clearing the rubble.

This is not a repetition of history, this is the daily reality of our country. A country bordering absolute evil.And a country that has to overcome it in order to reduce to zero the likelihood of such tragedies happening again. They do not deserve mercy.

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