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The Russians staged a bloody period in Kherson

In Kherson, 901 residential buildings were destroyed, half of them high-rise buildings.

During the period of heavy shelling, starting from November 20, the number of "explosions" amounted to 1,223, 65 people died, 160 people were injured, including four children. The enemy wants to show what will happen to Kherson after complete liberation. Russians want to intimidate Ukrainians and blame the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

This pressure extends not only to the people of Kherson, but also to those people who are in the temporarily occupied territories who are waiting for the return of Ukrainian power and have a pro-Ukrainian position.

The Russian occupiers shelled the territory of the Kherson region 49 times during the past day. The Russians shelled Kherson itself seven times, hitting private and apartment buildings. The invaders attacked the peaceful settlements of the region with artillery, mortars, tanks, and a rocket attack was also recorded. One person was killed and two others were wounded due to enemy shelling in the Kherson region.

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