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The situation in Mykolaiv is getting worse: bombings and lack of water supply

The big city between Kherson and Odessa - Mykolaiv - again collapses from missiles of the Russian occupiers. Russian troops have cut off water supplies and continue to bomb peaceful areas of the city right now.

In Mykolaiv for days because of attacks the warehouse and the open territory burned. It is specified that because of attacks in "Factory area" of Mykolaiv the open territory and a warehouse of one of objects burned. Another kindergarten came under today's Russian shelling. There were also three fires in open areas.

All the victims were taken to our medical institutions and receive the necessary assistance. In total, as of this morning, in the Mykolaiv hospitals there are 309 citizens who suffered from attacks of occupiers of the Mykolaiv area.

The central water supply doesn't work on the 5th day after the Dnieper-Mykolaiv water supply system was damaged during fights. People are forced to take water from the river and springs and collect rainwater from the roofs.

Unfortunately, we receive information on incessant shelling and bombings of Mykolaiv right in these minutes.

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