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The TrackEnsure employee about his everyday life in the Red Cross during the war.

I always knew that when time comes, I would not ask what to do, but just start acting. That time came on the day when the war started...

I really enjoyed my last year working for TrackEnsure Technical Support Department, but when the war began, I felt that my country needs me.

I became a volunteer in the Mykolaiv Red Cross Organization. There is a lot of work, but I do not complain, although I have seen lots of things here.

When there was no water in Mykolaiv, we got much more work. Now, for a reserve, we collect such tanks for 10 tons of water at the Red Cross base and in evacuation centers.

Then we fill and deliver these smaller ones by 1 ton to hospitals and others in need.

Residents of Odessa send a lot of drinking water. Thank them. We will never forget it.

We are evacuating a lot of people from the most dangerous areas of our and neighboring Kherson region.

Recently, we received first aid training. But I didn't think practice would come so quickly.

Here we are treating a shrapnel wound after one of the shelling of Mykolaiv.

And this woman was brought from the village of Shevchenkove with a perforating shrapnel wound.

Every day something burns somewhere, shelling does not stop.

Recently, we were driving back to the city, when we stopped at one block station, we suddenly heard the sound of something flying. The soldier shouted "go!" and immediately ahead along the road fell 4 shells. We were lucky, they felt in 150 meters ahead from us.

But one day we were less fortunate. Shrapnel hit our bus, which we evacuate the people.

It's so funny that the team which I work in, consists of one Jew, a German and me - Ukrainian. The Jew joked that we three are like in some anecdote))

The fact is, in TrackEnsure I improved my English well, and now I am often asked to participate when foreign delegations and journalists come.

And finally, my favorite thing to do)) When trucks arrive late in the evening or at night and there are almost no people at the base. We have to unload trucks with five or six of us. But it's ok, I know that I help my people. The free people of Ukraine.

This is how my everyday life goes, as soon as I have some free time, I will tell you more. We bought an action camera with my friend recently. I think if we somehow get permission to shoot when we leave for the region, we could make an excellent film then...

I'm missing you TrackEnsure and hope we meet soon!

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