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Theft and looting by the Russian army in Ukraine

Now there is no doubt that the Russian invasion of Ukraine brought not only the killing of civilians, the rape of women, the destruction of civilian infrastructure and other war crimes. Russian troops seem to see this war as an opportunity to enrich themselves and make their families happy by returning from what they call a "special operation in Ukraine" mission. With some goods.

During the Second World War, many terrible things remain unknown. Those unfortunate people who survived the horrors of fascism most often tried not to remember it throughout their lives. Someone found strength in himself and spoke about what genocide is - so that this would never happen again. But probably some people quickly forget history. Now the people, who made a great contribution to the victory over Hitler, are themselves becoming complicit in the situation in which Putin and his puppet Lukashenko are standing.

Unlike the old days, in today's world there is a lot going on in front of the lenses of smartphone cameras and video security systems. People from all over the world can observe the undeniable facts of crimes against humanity taking place in Ukraine right now. Today we will show only the most harmless, in comparison with others, actions of Putin's military - theft and looting.

In the early days of the war, Putin's soldiers behaved rather reservedly. They expected that the Ukrainian society would meet them as liberators - with flowers and gratitude.

Columns of Russian armored vehicles drove into Ukraine from different directions without enough food and fuel - it seems that Russian propagandists and state authorities were sure that the troops of the Russian Federation would be able to liberate Kyiv from the Nazis in 2-3 days. But the Russian soldiers were deceived and abandoned by their own power, as has happened many times in history. There were no fascists in Ukraine, no one reacted positively to the Russian invasion. Without fuel, hungry and met with desperate resistance from the Ukrainians, they were forced to get food on their own in the villages and small towns of Ukraine. Threatening with machine guns, they took away food and provisions from local residents. Also, military rations turned out to be inedible - most of them expired, reminding of the endless corruption in the Russian army. The first reputational losses began.

For example, in this video, a Russian invader is catching chickens in one of the yards in a village in the eastern regions of Ukraine.

As time went on, the Ukrainian army defended itself more and more desperately, and the already rather dubious successes of the Russian army became more and more rare. Senseless actions, a war without an idea, very soon revealed the true essence of many Russian military men. Forgetting honor and human principles, they began to steal everything - from children's toys and microwave ovens to cars and minibuses and tractors. The destroyed Russian invaders are found with precious jewelry and foreign currency that they stole in Ukraine:

A lot of videos have appeared on the network of Russian army soldiers looting in garages and houses. At the same time, the invaders massively steal bicycles.

In one of the videos, Kadyrov's militants opened a garage and steal bicycles, filming what is happening on video:

On March 1, Russian invaders looted a supermarket in Bobrovitsa, Chernihiv region. The soldiers opened the cash register and took food. One of them finally forgot to grab a box of tangerines.

Russian soldiers often sent items stolen in Ukraine through a branch of the Russian delivery service SDEK in the neighboring Republic of Belarus.

Below you can see a three-hour recording, which clearly shows that Russian soldiers are sending stolen items: TVs, air conditioners, electric scooters, video cards, car batteries and much more. At one of the moments, you can see packages from the Ukrainian shopping center "Epicenter".

Activist Anton Motolko and the Database project published lists of alleged senders. He claims to have identified 16 soldiers who sent cargo weighing between 50 and 450 kilograms to Russia. The "database" named 69 senders at once and gave details such as the weight of the parcels, the address of the recipient and the order numbers by which the shipments can be tracked. Most parcels from this post office in Belarus were sent to Rubtsovsk - this city was indicated by 49 out of 69 senders. The rest of the parcels went to Moscow, Chita, Omsk, Novosibirsk, Pskov, Birobidzhan and other Russian cities. The most modest of the parcels weighs only three kilograms, and the largest shipment is almost half a ton. Russian soldiers sell some things, arranging bazaars in the villages of Belarus, eyewitnesses report.

In addition, Russian marauders sent a convoy of trucks to the Russian Federation from the city of Buryn, Sumy region, with looted goods.

The photo shows that they even stole a dog house.

During the retreat from the Kiev region, fleeing Russian troops took many vehicles with them. There were shots of a column of Russian invaders moving across the territory of Belarus, carrying stolen cars of Ukrainian residents.

The Russian military illegally took possession of the new flagship John Deere S770 and S760 combines, the M6195 tractor and the Vaderstad Tempo seeder, which belonged to one of the agricultural machinery dealers in Melitopol, after the outbreak of war, the equipment remained at the city's exhibition site. The total value of the stolen agricultural equipment is 1 million euros. The tracking systems installed on the GPS equipment confirm the presence of the equipment on the territory of Chechnya - the southern region of Russia.

What the Russian occupiers cannot steal, they spoil and destroy. They had a special hatred for electric vehicles of the American Tesla brand - due to the small power reserve and the need for recharging, such a car is almost impossible to overtake in Russia. Such cars break and scratch, they write bad words on the hood and windows. In one of the garages, soldiers of the Ukrainian army found a destroyed Bentley. Returning to the neighboring cities of Kiev, local residents find damaged things and furniture in their homes. Eyewitnesses report that Russian soldiers were surprised that "in many houses and apartments in Ukraine there are laptops, and Nutella is found in refrigerators." Apparently, the invaders live in remote villages and towns in Russia and do not even have access to basic goods.

But that is not all! The Russians robbed the Chernobyl nuclear power plant before leaving it.

In particular, the invaders stole computers, teapots, coffee makers, containers with property that were at the station. They also ransacked a hotel located next to the nuclear power plant - they took out kitchen utensils, forks, spoons and services.

After such events, society became even more clearly aware of all the meanness and inglorious low goals of Russia's aggression. For example, residents of the city brought old washing machines, monitors, speakers, plumbing to the Russian consulate in Lviv. The flash mob aims to establish a clear link between the Russian army and its looting crimes.

Unfortunately, this senseless and terrible war continues, which means that new shocking details of the criminal actions of the Russian army will become known to the World.

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