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There are tens of thousands of women among the Ukrainian military.One of them is 19-year-old Ruslana

Signal operator Ruslana Danilkina went to war and lost her leg in the battles near Kherson

On February 24, when the full-scale invasion began, she was only 18 years old. Almost immediately, she volunteered for the ranks of the Armed Forces. Because she could not stand aside, because she had to do something. She received the position of a communications operator, worked in the Zaporozhye direction, and later in the Kherson region.

In fact, these are the ears of our armed forces. The work includes receiving information about the exits and arrivals of shells, the movement of equipment, infantry, any suspicious sounds or explosions - and transmit it to the command. Her work schedule was almost 24 hours, she had to work both day and night.

Despite the constant stress, Ruslana did her job well until February 10, when her car came under mortar fire during a combat mission. This is how the girl lost her leg, but, according to the doctors, another 10 seconds and she could have lost her life. According to relatives, Ruslana cried non-stop for the first two days in the hospital. And then she decided to fight. Today, she wants to become an example for everyone who, like her, lost limbs in this war. To show that in her condition an active full life is possible. Maybe be happy.

There is a lot of work ahead, heavy rehabilitation, prosthetics. But there is no doubt that this girl will not deviate from the intended path. And she can become a symbol of indomitability. They already have it, actually. Like everyone who went to defend Ukraine. Despite her very young age, all these "terrible" and "war is not for everyone" - she went to fight. It is because of people like Ruslana that they have not been able to break us for a year. And they will never break.

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