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Tragedy: a helicopter crashed on a kindergarten in Brovary. Photo and video

As a result of a helicopter crash in Brovary, Kyiv region, the top leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs died: Interior Minister Denis Monastyrsky, his first deputy Yevgeny Enin and State Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Yuri Lubkovich. A total of 18 victims, including 3 children.

29 victims are in the hospital, 15 of them are children. All relevant and specialized services work on-site. Investigation of the location of the incident is ongoing.

In the first minutes after the crash, shocked eyewitnesses began to upload videos. Many locals thought russian missiles were causing the destruction again, so they made the videos "blurry". These are the rules of the country's martial law - residents are prohibited from posting information about locations where missiles hit on social networks and instant messengers. But it soon became clear that the russians did not bomb Kyiv that day.

Kindergarten covered in flames. Inside are children. What could be worse... In the meantime, there are more and more new videos from eyewitnesses.

The helicopter that crashed in Brovary is intended for the needs of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. An investigation is now underway and various causes of the accident are being considered, such as pilot error, helicopter malfunction or sabotage. The helicopter is known to have been flying quite low due to fog and rain.

This is how the kindergarten in Brovary looks like, next to which the helicopter crashed.

In the meantime, a state commission will be created to investigate the crash in Brovary, which will include various aviation specialists, said Yury Ignat, speaker of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“The commission will investigate the reasons. It will not be 1-2 days, because the investigation of the air crash takes some time. I think a state commission will be created, which will include various aviation specialists. They are investigating the causes of what happened and what factors influenced the fact that the helicopter crashed.”

There may still be people under the rubble of the garden.

This is what kindergarten looks like now.

We express our deepest condolences to all the families of those killed and injured in this terrible tragedy.

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