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Ukraine is the most mined country in the World. The terrible consequences of the war

"Ukraine is now the most mined country in the World," Roman Primush, deputy head of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, said.

According to the estimates of this state organization, it will take at least 5 years to clear the territories, and in the waters of the seas such work can drag on for a decade.

"These are optimistic estimates, because we do not know what is happening in the territories where active hostilities are taking place. And what we will see when we liberate them from the invaders. Currently, more than 62,000 hectares of territory have been cleared, more than 45,000 explosive objects have been defused, about 2,000 of them are aircraft bombs.Specialists of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine are still working on demining the country after the First and Second World Wars,” the state organization said.

Meanwhile, the UK is going to transfer two ships to Ukraine, which will participate in the demining of the Black Sea. Ukrainian crews are already undergoing training under the guidance of Western colleagues.

"In a couple of months, ten thousand fighters, whom the UK undertook to train, will return to Ukraine and will be ready to carry out combat missions," Ukrainian Ambassador to the UK Vadym Prystaiko said.

Russian-captured and privately destroyed Mariupol remains very dangerous for civilians. The occupiers carry out demining exclusively at points of their own interest - factories, ports. Remnants of mines and shells remain in apartments, yards, streets. The most revealing thing is the Russian missile "Tochka U" on the playground. Russian spaers do not go out for calls. People have been waiting weeks for clearance. How many more lives will this take? The question is rhetorical.

The russians bombarded the whole of Donetsk with PFM-1 "Butterfly" mines. And now they brought in a "super-sapper" for demining. An eyewitness accidentally saw footage of the work of brilliant "ultra-modern" russian sappers.

But seriously, Ukraine is at war with a country of idiots. There are simply too many of them and they have too many weapons.

Another eyewitness tells about his impressions of the cities captured by the russians:

“For the first time I saw such a number of “petal” mines in the city. There were more in the forests, in the fields too. But, to scatter so many PFM-1 "Butterfly" mines in the city like that, I don’t remember this! A mine tears off limbs, makes people disabled. Children often mistake a mine for a toy."

Most likely, such mines are used by both sides of the conflict to slow down the offensive actions of the enemy.

The German magazine Der Spiegel showed how the Mykolaiv rescuers help farmers clear the fields from shells.

Right now, Ukrainians are dying from explosions of mines and ammunition. Every day. Russia once again brought grief and destruction to Ukraine...

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