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Ukraine launched an offensive in Kherson

What is happening in the south of Ukraine? What is known about the beginning of the liberation of the southern regions?

On August 29, a video appeared on social networks and instant messengers, where, most likely, a pro-russian soldier lies on the ground and reports an intensive Ukrainian offensive in Kherson. Even at the beginning of the war, this southern Ukrainian city was occupied by russian invaders, despite the resistance and protest demonstrations of the majority of local residents.

"Ukrainians fire from all types of weapons, they broke through our line of defense. They f*ck us with tanks, artillery, aviation, today is August 29 ..." - the bloody soldier says with difficulty. The speaker's face is not visible in the video, so many on the Internet perceived this short video as a fake. However, after it, other videos began to appear, allowing us to conclude that the Ukrainian army had begun counter-offensive operations.

And in this video, a russian soldier from Buryatia is almost crying and saying goodbye to his parents, against the background of the sounds of explosions. Actions also take place in Kherson. He came to a foreign land to kill Ukrainians - this is his conscious choice. Many of his countrymen have already been killed or wounded - Buryatia leads in the number of dead soldiers among all regions of Russia.

In this video, Ukrainian aviation really flew on combat missions. Aircraft Su-25 of the Air Force of Ukraine in the sky over the Kherson region fire at the invaders.

The strategically important bridge for the russians, as well as the unfinished panton crossing nearby, were again fired with high accuracy. Recently, it was taken out of action, and the russians organized a ferry crossing in this place. What is damaged will become known very soon.

And on this new video - high-precision work of Ukrainian artillery. The first blow made the enemy afraid - the Russian soldiers began to run away along the trench, pushing each other. The second artillery strike hit the accumulation of enemy manpower, the rest of the group is demoralized and shocked.

Politicians and officials of Ukraine are still silent about the actions of the military in the direction of the Kherson region, and Russia makes dismissive statements about the successes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. At the same time, Western media do not hide the counteroffensive and report on a number of de-occupied settlements (at least 5 villages were liberated on August 29).

The occupiers are transferring new military equipment through a pontoon crossing north to Kherson, but this method of supply is “vulnerable”.

In the coming days, russia's logistics efforts, which depend on Mariupol rail transit, are likely to weaken due to lack of electricity, damage to station cranes and flooding preventing the operation of the railroad in Mariupol.

With the onset of darkness, the fighting near Kherson did not end. Ukraine again successful strikes on russian weapons depots. Explosions are also reported in Berislav and Nova Kakhovka, there was a hit in the railway bridge.*Beware, profanity is present.

It is reported that Russian military helicopters flew from Crimea to Kherson. Presumably this is Ka-52, Mi-28, Mi-8.

In response to the offensive near Kherson, the occupiers resumed bombing civilian objects in Mykolaiv. Three dead local residents are reported. 16 S-300 anti-aircraft missiles were fired over Mykolaiv yesterday afternoon. This led to numerous destruction and damage to private and apartment buildings. In the morning, the port infrastructure in the Mykolaiv district was shelled with heavy artillery. In this video, the Russians fired a rocket at the bridge, but missed. Please note that there were buses and passenger cars on the bridge at that time - they survived, but this is luck.

The war continues, and we hope for victory and the return of all stolen territories. Justice and common sense must prevail...

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