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Ukrainian army successfully uses the trophies and weapons of the West in the war

Since the beginning of the war, a huge number of photos and videos have appeared on the Internet, proving that Ukrainian soldiers are taking away the equipment of the invaders and successfully using it.

Both the Ukrainian and russian armies are armed with a lot of military equipment that was produced back in the Soviet Union. Soviet weapons are usually not very accurate and effective, but are easy to operate and easily repaired.

Russian troops often leave military vehicles and equipment right on the battlefield, and all this becomes the trophy of the Ukrainian army. Most often among the trophies you can find the Soviet armored personnel carrier "BTR-82A".

Trophy BTR 93 in the Sumy region. Equipped with a 30-mm Bosphorus cannon, which fires armor-piercing tracer rounds up to 2 km and high-explosive fragmentation charges up to 4 km. Now this armored car will protect Ukraine.

Among the trophies there are the most unusual examples of Soviet and Russian military equipment. In the photo - the T-72B3 tank of 2016 release.

The military of Ukraine sometimes successfully intercept the signal and "land" enemy UAVs.

Support from Western countries also continues to arrive. For example, the first batch of MLS SHIELD armored vehicles has already been delivered to Ukraine. They will go to the air assault troops.

Armed Forces of Ukraine received Turkish armored personnel carriers BMC "Kirpi" Two brigades of the Marine Corps are already using fifty vehicles. Another 150 units of military equipment of this type are expected to be delivered. The strengths of this armored car are a machine gun that can be manually controlled and rotated 360 degrees, a fire extinguishing system, good mine protection for the car, B6 armor, crew + 12 fighters.

Britain will give Ukraine additional M270 MLRS and missiles for them - said the head of the Ministry of Defense of the country, Ben Wallace. He also recalled that Britain had already transferred three systems of this type to Ukraine. Now London is ready to send three more MLRS and their ammunition.

The first four Zuzana howitzers arrived in Ukraine.

“I am glad to confirm that the first 4 Slovak Zuzanas are in the hands of the Ukrainian armed forces, ready to be used to defend against Russian aggressors,” said Slovak Defense Minister Yaroslav Nad.

But Western military equipment is more complex and unfamiliar to most soldiers in the Ukrainian army. Therefore, it is very important to train personnel to use it with high efficiency. Many Ukrainian soldiers were sent to military training. The video below shows this process in the UK.

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