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Ukrainian counteroffensive: captured russians, trophies, grateful locals

Everything that is now rapidly happening on the battlefield can already be read in the news feed. This article provides evidence of the defeat of the russian army in the Kharkov region and in other areas. The moment of Ukraine's liberation from the invaders has approached significantly thanks to the heroism of the soldiers and people of Ukraine and Western assistance.

In early September, Ukraine began significant action to liberate some villages near the city of Kherson in the south. Official sources stopped reporting any information, and people's attention shifted to the Telegram channels of popular military correspondents. It became known about the liberation of several Ukrainian villages, and then events began to develop very rapidly. Russia began to transfer military equipment and manpower to Kherson from other fronts, weakening the group in the Kharkov region. Expecting this, Kyiv decided to strike the bridges in Kherson with the help of high-precision missile systems HIMARS. After the partial destruction of the retreat routes, the Russian invaders lost their mobility in Kherson and began to lose morale. In this video, you can see how accurately the Ukrainians strike at the invaders - the artillery works with maximum efficiency.

Leaving their positions, the retreating russian army abandons equipment and dead soldiers. Several cases are reported when the invaders mine the dead bodies of their own combat partners. Presumably, this video is just such a situation - the author of the video reports about the mining of a dead man. The video is not for the faint of heart, the content may seem shocking.

And after that, key actions began to develop already in the Kharkiv region. The real counteroffensive began. Russian soldiers usually do not have mobile phones and do not know what is happening on the fronts. But still some have the ability to record video. Dozens of videos have appeared on the Internet, where russian troops are defeated and killed.

"The end is coming for us. We need to leave this location. Rest in peace. There are arms ... legs ... OMG. They can't be saved..."-says the russian invader.

Warning: The material may appear inappropriate and violent. There is profanity present.

Ukrainian soldiers shared numerous videos showing captured and wounded russian soldiers who were abandoned by their own on the battlefield. In this video, a russian fighter sadly reports that many soldiers in his unit do not have any body armor at all, while the commander advises to shoot single shots to save ammo.

A few hours later, almost all the participants from the last video are already dead or injured. At the same time, the positions of the invaders continue to fire. The author of the video says on the radio that he has a “wounded” person nearby and clarifies that now the wounded person will become “already dead”.

This video shows fleeing russians attempting to cross the Dnieper River on a pantone bridge. The soldier positively comments on what is happening, but at that moment a shell of Ukrainian artillery flies at them. Video recording continues, russian soldiers lie and bleed - an easy river crossing failed...

To show that the successes of the Ukrainian army are not fake, the liberator soldiers began to post documents of captured and destroyed invaders on social networks - hundreds of such photographs appear on the Internet. Very young russians could create families and do good, but they came to Ukrainian soil to kill and bomb peaceful cities. The result is what it should be.

Local residents greeted the liberators with gratitude and tears of joy.

Meanwhile, fighting in the Kharkov region continued. The Armed Forces of Ukraine moved confidently and quickly. Most of the russian invaders abandoned their equipment and their partners and began to run away. They tried to get into military trucks and leave the battlefield. Nothing about this was reported on russian TV channels, but they talked about "successful air strikes on Ukrainian positions." Well, russian planes were also destroyed in the amount of at least 2 units.

Still, later Russian propagandists admitted the complete defeat of the russian army in these locations. In russian social networks, a slow realization of the inevitability of the defeat of the russian army on the territory of Ukraine is beginning. They already recognize the withdrawal of troops from Balakleya, Kupyansk, Izyum and Liman, but they are still trying to explain this by "the need to save the lives of their soldiers" ... It is no longer possible to hide the defeat - after all, the invaders abandoned hundreds of tanks and other military equipment.

This article is just a short overview of what has been happening on the battlefields in recent days. It has already become known that Russia has suffered a complete defeat and humiliatingly left the entire Kharkov region, and Ukrainian soldiers are standing near the border with Russia. At the same time, one must remember about the heavy losses of the Ukrainian army as well - after all, an offensive is always more difficult than a defense. Ukraine will always remember and honor its heroes. Having won a defeat on the battlefield, Putin and his supporters "offended" and began to engage in their usual terrorism. On the evening of September 11, Russia launched rocket attacks on power plants, leaving several regions of Ukraine without electricity and electricity. As always, the civilian population suffered from this. The war continues, but we believe in victory and the liberation of all the lands stolen from Ukraine.

Igor Konashenkov - Head of the Department of Information and Mass Communications of the Russian Ministry of Defense. These days his speeches sounded something like this.

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