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Video from the battlefield that we see on social networks

Every week we publish photos and videos from Ukraine that we see on social networks and instant messengers. Heroic, tragic, brutal, sad or shocking - unfortunately, all these are the results of the war. Footage of the explosion in Bakhmut. Fighting continues for this city in eastern Ukraine.

This is how a kindergarten in Bakhmut looks like, where a group of russian military men stayed for several days. They then retreated at that location, but continue to build up pressure in other areas of the city.

The defenders of Ukraine showed a fragment of the battle in Bakhmut. For two minutes, the noise from explosions and shooting does not stop even for a few seconds. What is happening here, many reporters call a meat grinder because of the high human losses and massive destruction.

The Ukrainian military in the video below shows a fortified trench, in which the occupiers were previously located. They were destroyed, but the operator says that new ones are constantly coming.

Recently, a russian rocket fell on a civilian high-rise panel building in the town of Slovyansk. At present, 11 dead are known, including a two-year-old child. Another 25 people were injured. This video shows the first minutes from a police officer's chest camera. Blockages are everywhere, cries for help are heard. Ukrainians will always remember such consequences from the russian invasion.

This video shows footage of the battles from the perspective of Ukrainian soldiers. The tactics of the invaders is as follows: they send infantry in groups. In the forefront are soldiers with a lot of ammunition. After they are destroyed, these munitions are picked up by other occupiers. In the end, the attacks on this location were suspended.

Second Birthday: during the battle in Bakhmut, an enemy bullet got stuck in the helmet of a Ukrainian defender.

This is what street fighting in Bakhmut looks like from the first person. Combat work is carried out by the defenders of the 3rd separate assault brigade.

As a result of russian shelling of the city, civilians suffered. From under the rubble of the house, the police pulled an elderly couple and took them to the hospital. Together with rescuers, they first took out a 77-year-old grandmother, and at that time another law enforcement officer provided medical assistance to an 80-year-old grandfather. They were taken to the hospital and handed over to the doctors.

Bakhmut. The Russians are bombing the city with incendiary shells prohibited by international conventions...

The city itself now looks like ruins.

He had his luck today: a video of a bullet whistling over the head of a military brigade of marines and flying into the wall behind him.

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