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Wagner mercenaries are trying to break into the center of Bakhmut from several directions

The situation around Bakhmut in the Donetsk region is complicated - the invaders do not stop trying to break through the defenses and move into the city center, but suffer heavy losses.

During tough battles, Ukrainian soldiers inflict tangible losses on the invaders. With artillery fire, tanks and other weapons, the defenders repel all enemy attempts to capture the city, the defense continues. Unfortunately, there are also losses on the Ukrainian side. Our wars defend their land and people, while the occupiers do not have a clear motivation and understanding of the goals of the war. More and more cruel videos and photos of the terrible realities of war appear in messengers. For example, in the video below, exhausted Ukrainian soldiers comment on their walk and spot another dead russian soldier.

In another video, the Ukrainian military destroyed a group of invaders and take a survivor prisoner. Positive music (imposed in the editor) in the video may seem out of place, but it was superimposed by the author. The soldiers try not to lose heart and hold on even in such a difficult time. To not give up!

And in this video, a Ukrainian soldier is trying to talk to a captured military man who is himself Ukrainian and is fighting on the side of Russia. Recall that after the occupation of the eastern territories of Ukraine (Donetsk and Lugansk regions), Russia first treated the local residents with traditional propaganda in the style of "fascists are now in Ukraine, your future is with Russia", and then mobilized almost all local men and sent them to war without training and proper equipment. As a result, most of these men died or were taken prisoner, and the pro-Russian territories are unofficially called the "land of widows." Terrible, but such are the consequences of the arrival of Russia.

Meanwhile, more and more occupiers are coming to the war zone. They are transported even in freight wagons, which is recorded on video.

Drones provide significant assistance in conducting defensive operations. In the video below, a reconnaissance drone spotted several Russian snipers. This group was later destroyed by artillery.

And here Ukrainian soldiers destroyed a whole group of invaders in a trench. We are against the war and violence, but those who came to Ukrainian territory with weapons are enemies. And the enemies must be destroyed. They brought grief and death. They became invaders. And they were destroyed.

Walk along Bakhmut. The soldiers hold on and do not lose their fighting spirit.

The Ukrainian defender filmed the explosion of an enemy shell on the outskirts of Bakhmut. The warrior was so used to constant shelling that he almost did not react to a powerful explosion.

And one more video from Bakhmut, Ukrainian border guards are also fighting the invaders in the war-torn town.

Azov fighter Roman Trohimets filmed the meticulous work of a medic, who promptly managed to patch up the pierced lungs of a fighter with the call sign “Shakhta”. While two holes were sealed and a needle was inserted, the wounded man could not breathe. But first aid was provided on time and in the end he survived. This is just one video out of many. Every minute our soldiers fight for Ukraine, get injured and die. The war continues.

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