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War in Ukraine in the lenses of action cameras: POV VIDEO

Any war or armed conflict is scary and destructive. Previously, we learned about wars from documentaries and action movies, eyewitness accounts and combatants. Now action cameras are actively used on the battlefield. Affordable portable cameras have changed our vision of war. The soldiers began to hang cameras on themselves and then upload videos to Youtube. Videos from them are often used to discuss and study the tactical situation after battles and are very helpful for military training purposes. Soldiers also keep these videos as their trophies. They can show what they have gone through.

We publish several videos from open sources. The real combat situation is far from Hollywood action movies. The video contains shocking material and profanity.

Fight on behalf of the Ukrainian defender. During the battle in the forest, he and his group came under fire from the enemy. It's good that everyone survived.

Another impressive video of the offensive of the Ukrainian military mobile group in the Kherson region. HMMWV armored vehicles, supported by a tank of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, drive across the field. The special operations unit enters the battle - they shoot directly at the enemy at high speed.

In this video, a Ukrainian soldier is trying to save the life of a russian soldier who was left to die by his own tactic group.

"Finish me" - says the wounded invader.

"We are not like you," - the Ukrainian fighter replies.

GoPro footage of a Ukrainian soldier defending his positions on the Eastern Front.

GoPro video of a paramedic from the "Hospitaliers" medical battalion. Provision of first aid to a soldier of the Armed Forces after an enemy airstrike. The man started bleeding internally, now his life is not in danger.

The russian invader decided to hide in the street toilet, but something went wrong.

The invaders began to surrender along with the equipment in the Kherson direction.

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