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What do water combat drones look like and what happened in Crimea?

On October 29, in Crimea, the occupying “authorities” announced an “attack by Ukrainian drones” in the waters of Sevastopol Bay in the Black Sea. It is reported about the attack by air and water combat drones at the same time. Former warship captain Pavel Lakiychuk shared his comments with us about this attack.

“An attack on a naval base is generally a very complex operation,” he says, “But there has never been such a thing in history that a group of operators with laptops in, for example, Ochakov or Kyiv attacked a real target... It was fantastic, and it goes into real practice."

On October 29, several videos appeared on the Internet, where water and air drones hit the Russian fleet in Sevastopol. The video shows how drones crash into Russian ships, which do not have time to sail to the side. The operation was carried out strategically and competently: first, air drones were launched, and while the Russian air defense and the military were busy with them, water drones attacked the ships.

This is the most captivating story. Apparently - this is a video from the camera of a water drone, which goes at high speed directly to the ship on the high seas. A helicopter opens fire on it, after which the water drone changes course and turns toward the shore. Then it passes literally a meter past a small boat (from which people jumped into the water just in case). At this point, the recording ends. And at the end of the video - an explosion in the sea. As the Russians claimed, they destroyed this water drone.

Russians only acknowledged the damage to the ship Ivan Golubets, but various news sources say that at least two more ships were hit, including the flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, the frigate Admiral Makarov.

Ukraine officially does not recognize involvement in this attack. Some sources claim that the special operation was carried out by the Military Counterintelligence of the Security Service of Ukraine with the support of the Naval Service of Ukraine.

The drone attack took place on a "black" day for the Russians. 108 years ago, on October 29, 1914, the Turkish fleet staged a similar wake-up call, attacking Russian ships in the bay of Sevastopol.

For Ukraine, drones are an ideal option in a confrontation with a superior enemy. In the future, drones can be used not only against ships but also against submarines and military infrastructure. The example of Ukraine will be studied and applied by other coastal countries without a large fleets. The operation in Sevastopol will be interesting for Taiwan, for example.

Usually, if the russian army suffers defeat or losses, it takes revenge. They take revenge like a terrorist, as they carry out numerous rocket attacks on civilian objects and infrastructure in Ukraine. This rule worked on October 30th. Russia attacked many Ukrainian cities and damaged power plants and water supplies. But even without electricity and water, the Ukrainian military and civilians retain their spirit. They are ready to fight for their homeland, while the Russian military is becoming less motivated.

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