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What is the future of russian and ukrainian wounded soldiers?

A video appeared on the Internet showing a wounded armless russian soldier returning from the war - he drinks vodka surrounded by colleagues. A young guy with a bandaged head and stumps instead of hands says that "we need to continue the offensive". His buddies pour him vodka and call him a "hero" and hang a medal "For Courage" on his chest. Everyone laughs. Most likely, he has not yet understood what his future life will be like. In the hospital, he is looked after, fed and helped, but very soon he will be left alone with a country that does not need him. Positive mood disappears very quickly in the real world. And there are now thousands of such "unnecessary heroes" in Russia.

Whom did he protect? His country was not attacked, not bombed. He, like many other russians, took the side of terror in the interests of Putin and his fellow oligarchs. Or he went to Ukraine to kill civilians in order to earn money and bring back a stolen refrigerator or car.

In developed countries, wounded soldiers undergo a long adaptation, they are given expensive bionic prostheses, and experienced psychologists work with them. In Russia, the wounded of the war can only count on a small disability allowance (which must be proved every year and begged for allowance from the state). And instead of psychologists - only vodka, vodka, vodka ...

Due to the sanctions that many countries have imposed on Russia just because of the bloody invasion of Ukraine, high-quality medical preparations and prostheses have become practically inaccessible in Russia. The young guy will regret that he decided to become a terrorist in another country. Was it worth it?

Russia is a very inconvenient country for people with disabilities and disabilities. The whole infrastructure seems to be made to make life difficult for such people.

In Ukraine, of course, there are also many wounded soldiers. But they are real heroes. They protect their land from invasion and genocide. The attitude towards them now and in the future is completely different. Many of the wounded are sent for treatment and rehabilitation to Germany, Israel and other developed countries.

For example, the Military Armed Forces of Ukraine were touchingly welcomed in the United States, where they came for free limb prosthetics. The video was published by Natalia Gevko, who organized a project for the prosthetics of Ukrainian soldiers. As we know, prosthetics is completely free. In addition, the defenders paid for accommodation and flights.

In the comments, users could not hold back tears from watching the video. Here are some comments:

- "Tears";

- "Emotions cannot be conveyed. Even my children cried when they saw our heroes";

- "I am proud of my countrymen. We are invincible. You are doing a good job";

- "Thanks to everyone for this titanic work! Happy prosthetics and rehabilitation to our Heroes";

- "Thanks to our defenders! Tears in the eyes from what they saw, how warmly they welcome the guys at the airport."

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