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When the war is over, what else will be dangerous for Ukrainians? Mines in the fields and at sea.

The war is moving into a long phase. Fierce battles are going on in the East; and in the South russian invaders are holding Kherson and terrorizing Mykolaiv. The end of the war seems to be far away. What's next?

The bloody war in Ukraine continues. The russian army is superior to the Ukrainian one in numbers, but not in motivation and fighting spirit. It is reported that the battle in eastern Ukraine has entered a heavy brutal phase, in the South the Ukrainian army is advancing towards Kherson, making some progress. Ukrainian refugees in other countries watch the news every day and dream about when they will be able to return to their homeland.

However, when this happens, the people of Ukraine will have to remember another terrible problem. Fields and forests in the southern and eastern regions are mined, there are unexploded shells everywhere. Mines also float in the sea. All this will make the life of ordinary people after the end of the hot phase of the war very difficult and dangerous. Already, farmers are often victims of mine explosions. Here is a roundup of news on this topic in just the last few days:

1. Rescuers showed how they removed unexploded shells in Mykolaiv. During the day, pyrotechnics from the emergency service received 43 reports of explosive objects and seized 23 explosive objects.

2. In Kharkov, two pyrotechnicians received mine-explosive injuries. Rescuers were injured while performing a combat mission to clear mines from the liberated territories in the region. During the day, pyrotechnic services went out 38 times, eliminated 73 explosive items. Since February 24, 2022, Kharkiv rescuers have cleared 2,300 enemy mines. Three pyrotechnicians were killed and three others were injured.

3. Chernihiv region. During field work, a tractor ran into an explosive device, killing the driver.

4. There was a video of the explosion of shells in the Kyiv region by Ukrainian sappers.

Sappers work every day to protect people from mines and bombs left behind by the russian army.

The video was created to understand how dangerous finds can be somewhere in the field and what the consequences can be.

5. Video of an incident from Odessa, where a man wanted to swim in the sea, but ran into a mine and exploded.

The man died. They came to the beach with my family and father went to measure the depth, as a result, the bomb exploded and he was thrown several meters up. These were immigrants from the Donetsk region who were fleeing the war.

6. Not only people are affected by sea mines. Dolphins suffer burns and internal injuries from mine explosions. The photo below shows dolphins that were found on the coast of Bulgaria.

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